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Transform Your Skincare Routine with This Easy-to-Make Cleansing Balm

Having clear, healthy skin can be a challenge. From expensive products to complex routines, it can feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to find something that works for you. The good news is that there is an easy and natural solution: make a homemade cleansing balm! This simple DIY project takes only minutes to make and requires just a few ingredients you likely already have in the pantry.

Cleansing Balm Basics

They are a great way to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best. These gentle, creamy formulas work to remove makeup and dirt while nourishing the skin with vitamins and minerals. They can also be used as a deep cleanser or makeup remover, depending on your needs. When used regularly, it can help to reduce dryness, irritation, and other common skin issues.

To make a cleansing at home, you’ll need some basic ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, essential oils of your choice, and vitamin E oil. Start by melting the beeswax in a double boiler over low heat. Once melted, add the cocoa butter and coconut oil until all ingredients are combined.

Benefits of Making Your Own

Making your own skincare products has a number of benefits. It is much more cost-effective than buying ready-made items from the store. By creating your own cleansing balm, you can use natural ingredients that are cheaper and healthier for your skin than those found in store-bought products. Plus, since you’re in charge of creating your own product, you can customize it to best suit your skin type and needs.

Additionally, by making your own skincare products, you know exactly what ingredients are being used. Many store-bought brands contain harsh chemicals, which can be damaging to the skin and have long-term adverse effects on health. When making balms at home, however, you get to choose only natural and organic ingredients that work with your skin type instead of potentially irritating it further.

Recipe & Ingredients

For those looking to switch up their skincare routine with a natural, homemade cleansing balm, this easy-to-follow recipe is perfect! All you need are five simple ingredients and a few tools.

To begin, you’ll need beeswax pastilles (1 tablespoon), sweet almond oil (3 tablespoons), mango butter (2 tablespoons), vitamin E oil (4 drops), and essential oils of your choice for fragrance (10 drops). The beeswax helps the balm keep its form, while the other ingredients provide nourishment and hydration to the skin.

Once all ingredients are gathered, heat the beeswax in a double boiler or microwave until it’s fully melted. Then add in the almond oil, mango butter, vitamin E oil, and your preferred essential oils.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To make your very own cleansing balm at home, follow this step-by-step guide. First, combine 1/2 cup of melted coconut oil with 1/4 cup of beeswax in a double boiler. Heat the ingredients until they are completely melted and blended together, stirring occasionally. 

Next, remove from heat and add 10 drops of your favorite essential oils to create a unique scent. Stir to incorporate the oils into the mixture before pouring it into an airtight container for storage. After allowing the mixture to cool and harden, it’s ready to use!

Simply massage a small amount into your skin each day, taking care to avoid contact with the eyes or any open wounds. Rinse off with warm water or remove using a damp cloth for best results.

Tips for Use & Storage

When it comes to using and storing your homemade cleansing balm, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.  First and foremost, you want to make sure your hands are clean each and every time before removing the balm from its container. This way, you’ll avoid introducing any bacteria that could potentially spoil the product. 

Additionally, it’s best to store this balm in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. That way it won’t be exposed to too much heat, which could cause it to melt or become rancid quickly.

If your balm contains essential oils as an ingredient, make sure you keep these stored in a separate container away from direct sunlight as well. Essential oils can be very powerful and can easily lose their effectiveness if exposed to too much heat or light for extended periods of time.

Benefits of Using Cleansing Balm

They are a great addition to any skincare routine. This gentle cleansing treatment helps remove excess dirt and oil while keeping the skin hydrated and nourished. It also helps balance out the pH of your skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.

Using a cleansing balm has many benefits for your complexion. The natural ingredients in these products help to naturally exfoliate the skin, removing impurities without stripping away its natural oils. This helps keep your complexion looking healthy and radiant throughout the day. Additionally, their natural moisturizing properties of they can help reduce dryness that is often associated with harsh cleansers.

The most important benefit of using it is that it will leave your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed without causing irritation or damage to its delicate surface layer.

Variations & Additions

One of the great things about this cleansing balm recipe is that it can be easily adapted with variations and additions. To modify the texture, you can add more or less beeswax, depending on how thick or thin you would like your balm to be. 

For a richer texture, try adding some shea butter or cocoa butter for extra hydration. Additionally, you can also experiment by including other beneficial ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts.

If your skin is dry, you may want to try adding some vitamin E oil to help lock in moisture and protect your skin from environmental pollutants. For an anti-inflammatory effect, add some chamomile extract or jojoba oil, which are both known for their nourishing properties. For an extra boost of antioxidants and minerals, consider incorporating aloe vera juice into your mix as well.

Customize Your Routine

Creating your own skincare routine can be an empowering and creative experience. With a few simple ingredients, you can make your own cleansing balm to fit into your routine. Customizing the frequency of use, as well as the ingredients used in each step of your skincare regimen, is key to finding what works for you.

For example, if you have dry skin or patches of eczema, adding a heavier moisturizer or oil-based cleanser could help add moisture and nourishment back into the skin. If you’re dealing with oily skin, opt for lighter products that won’t clog pores or leave behind residue. You may also want to experiment with different exfoliants like gentle scrubs to buff away dead cells without being too harsh on the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth area.


The cleansing balm is a simple and effective way to transform your skincare routine. Not only does it work to effectively cleanse the skin, but it also helps to moisturize and lock in hydration. Moreover, it’s easy to make and customize with natural ingredients that are tailored to your specific skin needs. It’s an affordable, multipurpose product that can be used daily to keep your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated.

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