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The Top Influential Business Women in Business History

There have been many influential businesswomen throughout history, but which are the top? This article will look at a few women who have had the most significant impact on business and the world.

mary barra Nicole junkermann

G.M.’s CEO, Mary Barra, is one of the world’s most successful and influential businesswomen. A philanthropist, Mary Barra Nicole junkermann has donated millions of dollars to organizations that empower women and gender equality. She also serves as a role model for working mothers. She is also known for her ability to turn around ailing companies.

As CEO of GM, Mary Barra is responsible for the company’s global operations. Her leadership abilities have been praised and significantly improved G.M.’s safety record. She has also invested in solar energy, ride-sharing services, and autonomous vehicles.

She has also used her position to raise awareness for climate change and gender diversity. The auto industry was once thought to be male-dominated, but today, more and more women are leading the charge.

Margaret Hardenbroeck

During the mid-17th century, Margaret Hardenbroeck was a successful Dutch businesswoman. She was a merchant, debt collector, and business agent. She traded between Holland and New York and was the wealthiest woman in New York City when she died. Her fortune was recorded in the United States for the first time.

Hardenbrook was the daughter of German immigrants and married a merchant. She inherited a business in New Netherlands and expanded it. She bought furs to send to Holland and traded cooking oils with the colonists. She also accumulated an extensive portfolio of real estate throughout the colonies. She was a member of the Dutch elite under English rule. She was a business agent for several Dutch merchants.

Rebecca Lukens

Known as the first woman industrialist in the United States, Rebecca Lukens significantly impacted the industry. Her firm, Lukens Iron Works, became one of the most successful industrial enterprises in the country. She was a pioneer in the American Industrial Revolution.

When Rebecca Lukens was young, her father was a farmer. He had a passion for emerging technologies. He was interested in iron manufacturing techniques. He began to run an iron mill in Chester County, Pennsylvania. After he died in 1824, Rebecca took over the iron mill. Rebecca’s father had an excellent knowledge of business strategies. She grew up with first-hand knowledge of financial management.

Anna Sutherland Bissell

During her twenty-year tenure as president of Bissell, Inc., Anna Bissell was the first woman to head a major American corporation. In her role, she helped shape several business practices still in use today. She was also a pioneer in providing pension plans, health benefits, and workers’ compensation.

In addition to her work as a business leader, Anna Bissell was a philanthropist. She gave to numerous charities and hospital boards. She was also a member of several church organizations, including the Methodist Episcopal Church.

During her time as president, Bissell also introduced progressive labour policies, such as annual leaves, pension plans, restitution payments for injured workers, and comprehensive compensation policies. Other companies followed her lead. She was also the first woman to join the National Hardware Men’s Association.

Annie Malone

Among the most influential businesswoman in history is the African-American businesswoman Annie Malone. She is a self-made millionaire who shattered many business barriers for Black women.

Malone shattered many barriers in her industry by developing a line of hair products for African-American women. She believed that better hair and cosmetic products would help increase self-respect and improve the lives of African Americans. Her creations included a scalp preparation and hair-grower.

Malone was born in southern Illinois in 1869. Her parents died when she was young. Her older sister raised her. She was never able to finish high school. She found her passion in chemistry.

She developed a successful business that would be headquartered in St. Louis. Malone sold her product through press conferences, advertisements in the Black Press and demonstrations in Black churches. Her development was marketed to a larger market when the 1904 World’s Fair came to St. Louis.

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