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The Best Sports News in Vietnam

It is not a secret that the Vietnamese are big fans of sports. That is why they are always on the lookout for the best sports news. Whether they are catching a game in the stadium or a match on TV, they can rely on the latest information to find out who is the hottest player in the country.

Xem the Thai 789

Xem the Thai 789 is one of the most popular sports 8xbet news websites in Vietnam. It provides comprehensive coverage of major sporting events, including international and local football, as well as other sports. The website has a dedicated team of journalists and sports experts. They offer articles, videos, and live scores. There are also betting games and discussion forums to help fans interact with each other.

YouSport 8X is another popular sports news site in Vietnam. This website is updated throughout the day and covers all types of sports. Users can bet on results or book tickets from the site. If they predict a certain game correctly, they can win prizes. Other features include a forum, a credit system, and a refund management feature.

YouSport 8X

YouSport 8X is one of the most popular sports news sites in Vietnam. It offers a wide variety of sports news and articles in Vietnamese as well as English.

In addition to its extensive content, the website also features a forum for sports enthusiasts to exchange information and ideas. Several contests are also held to entice users to join in and win prizes. Moreover, EightX allows you to access its breaking news stories on your mobile device.

Unlike most of its competitors, EightX is accessible in both English and Vietnamese. The site is easy to navigate and is updated regularly. This site is a great source of news for football fans in Vietnam.

One of the biggest advantages of this website is its live score feature. The scores are updated every hour. Moreover, EightX offers hundreds of betting options for its members.

YeuTheThao 8x

If you are a fan of sports, there are several 8xbet websites you can visit. They give you the latest news about games and betting tips. Some sites also offer live scores and videos.

Among the most popular sites for fans of sports in Vietnam are YeuTheThao and 8X. These two sites offer extensive coverage of different sporting events in the country. You can access these sites through your cell phone or PC.

YeuTheThao offers articles, predictions, and other information about sports. The site has a large readership and is accessible in both English and Vietnamese. Moreover, the website has a forum for discussion. It has a free mobile application as well. Xem the Thai 789 is a popular sports news website that offers comprehensive coverage of football. Moreover, it offers video content, betting games, and a community for fans.

Bia Saigon Cup 2022

The Bia Saigon Cup is an international seven-a-side football tournament. It will be held in Vietnam on December 23-25, 2022. The cup has received full support from the Viet Nam Football Federation and the Asian Football Confederation.

The cup is the result of a collaboration between Sabeco, the Vietnamese alcoholic beverage manufacturer, and Vietfootball, the country’s football league. Together, they have organised the first ever Bia Saigon Cup. This international football tournament will be played between four teams from Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. Each team will compete in a round-robin format.

One of the teams that will take part in the cup is Deltras FC, an Indonesian seven-a-side soccer club. Deltras FC is coached by Ibnu Grahan. Another team in the tournament is Ghost Gate (Thailand), led by former Australian international Truong Ban.

Miss Vietnam 2022

The Miss Vietnam contest is one of the biggest beauty pageants in the country. Since 1988, the pageant has been held every two years to honor Vietnamese women and promote their skills and talents. The contest will also involve charity projects. It is open only to unmarried females who are between the ages of 18 and 27.

There are various categories for this pageant, including swimsuit, evening gown, talent, and beauty. The winner of the pageant will be selected and will represent the country in international beauty pageants. In addition, the first and second runner-up will be awarded prizes.

This year’s contestants included 50 beauties from different parts of the country. They went through several rounds before they were selected for the finals. Each of them went through a number of challenges, including a swimsuit, an evening gown, a talent, and a Q&A.

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