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The Best Football Colleges In Texas You Need To Know About

Are you a football fan looking for the best football colleges in Texas? Look no further! Here, we will discuss the top football colleges in Texas, their history, and what makes them so great. Find out which college best suits your needs, from well-known universities to small state schools!

Introduction to Football in Texas

Football is one of the most popular sports in Texas. It is also one of the most important sports in terms of college recruiting. Many of the best football colleges in Texas are located in the state’s major cities, including Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Some factors make Texas an ideal place for football. The state’s large population means more potential fans and players. Additionally, the climate is conducive to playing football year-round. Finally, Texas has a rich football tradition dating back to the days of the early American frontier. The first college football game was played in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton. However, it was in the 1880s that football began to gain popularity in Texas. The first professional team in the state was the Dallas Cowboys, founded in 1960. Today, there are dozens of Texas colleges and universities with football programs. Some of the most notable include Baylor University, Rice University, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Texas at Austin. These schools have produced some of the best players and teams in college football history.

University of Texas

The University of Texas is one of the most prestigious football colleges in Texas. The Longhorns have a long and storied history, dating back to their days as a member of the Southwest Conference. They’ve won five national championships, including three in the last fifteen years, and produced some of the best players in college football history. If you’re looking for a top-notch football program, the University of Texas is worth considering.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University has one of the most passionate fan bases in college football. The Red Raiders have a long history of success on the gridiron, dating back to their days in the Southwest Conference. Today, Texas Tech is a member of the Big 12 Conference and competes against some of the best teams in the country. Over the years, Texas Tech has produced some great players and coaches. Some of the most notable Red Raiders include Michael Crabtree, Wes Welker, Kliff Kingsbury, and Spike Dykes. The Red Raiders have also been home to some of college football’s most iconic moments, like “The Catch” by Mike Leach and “The Spike” by Billy Joe Tolliver. Texas Tech has a rich tradition of winning, which fans take a lot of pride in. The Red Raiders have won 11 conference championships and made 41 bowl appearances in their history. They have also produced 27 All-Americans and sent over 100 players to the NFL. If you’re looking for a school with a strong football tradition and passionate fans, then Texas Tech is worth checking out.

Rice University

Rice University is one of the most prestigious colleges in Texas. It’s also one of the oldest, founded in 1912. The school is located in Houston and enrolls around 6,000 students. The university has a rich tradition in academics and research. Rice football has been fairly successful over the years. They won Conference USA titles in 2006 and 2013. They’ve struggled a bit in recent years, but they’re still a team to watch out for. The Owls play their home games at Rice Stadium which holds around 47,000 fans.


TCU and SMU are two of the most popular football colleges in Texas. TCU is known for its strong defense, and SMU is known for its high-powered offense. Both schools have a rich history of success on the football field, and both are currently members of the Big 12 Conference. TCU has won two national championships in football, most recently in 2010. The Horned Frogs have also won 11 conference championships, including five in the Big 12. TCU has produced some NFL stars, including quarterback Andy Dalton and defensive end Jerry Hughes. SMU has won three national championships in football, most recently in 1982. The Mustangs have also won eight conference championships, including three in the Southwest Conference. SMU has produced some NFL stars, including wide receiver Michael Irvin and running back Eric Dickerson.

What to Consider When Choosing a College

When it comes to choosing a college, there are a lot of factors to consider. But if you’re looking for the best football colleges in Texas, here are some things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure the school has a good football program. It’s only possible to attend a college with a competing team. So research the schools you’re interested in and see how they stack up against other programs in the state. Secondly, you’ll want to consider the cost of attendance. Tuition, room and board, and other associated costs can add up quickly. Make sure you have a realistic idea of how much it will cost to attend each school before making your final decision. Finally, think about your personal preferences. What kind of environment do you want to be in? Do you prefer a large or small campus? Are you looking for a school with a strong academic reputation or one more focused on athletics? Consider all of these factors when choosing the best football college for you.


Texas has a long history of producing excellent football teams and great players, with some of the best colleges in the state being home to some of the most successful programs. The universities highlighted above are all excellent choices for any aspiring football player looking to play college ball. With their top-notch facilities, world-class coaching staff, and winning tradition, these colleges will surely set you up for success on and off the field. So if you’re considering playing college football in Texas, give these schools a closer look!

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