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The Benefits of Using a High Mast Light

Typically, high mast lighting is used for light the highways, or recreational fields. It is also used for lighting a wide area, or at sites that require large amounts of light. A high mast light is a tall pole with lighting attached to its top.

Optimal optical performance

Optimal optical performance of high mast lights is crucial for the safety and security of road traffic. They provide the most effective way to illuminate large outdoor areas such as roadways and parking lots. They also extend the usability of large outdoor facilities to the evening hours.

A high mast lighting system consists of a headframe and luminaires. It can be used to light up parking lots, stadiums, aprons, interchanges, industrial and freight terminals, and even sports venues.

Achieving optimal optical performance requires precise control of the light distribution. To do this, integrated optical control components produce useful patterns and beams.

Moreover, a high mast light’s structural design ensures its durability and strength. The LED luminaire housing is designed to provide weatherproofing and superior corrosion resistance. It is constructed from die cast aluminum for a robust build. Typically, the housing is coated with UV stabilized high corrosion resistant polyester paint.

High mast LED luminaires are also equipped with an electrical compartment. These models include an analog or digital voltage compensator that enables constant light output and overvoltage protection.

Improved visibility for motorists

Using high mast lighting for roadways is a good idea for a variety of reasons. It helps reduce the risk of collision, provides a wider field of view and gives drivers a more well-lit area to operate in.

The benefits of high mast lighting extend beyond the roads to athletic fields, industrial facilities and parking lots. They are also ideal for airport aprons and interchanges.

Typically, a high mast light pole is constructed with a concrete foundation. The pole itself is usually galvanized steel. The base is typically four to five feet in diameter. The most recent iterations of high mast light poles have been made to be lighter and more energy efficient.

The LED Luminaires from AEON LED are designed to fit high mast lighting fixtures. The aforementioned LED lights are bright enough to provide proper illumination for roadways. They are also a long-term energy saver. Compared to conventional roadway lights, they are especially suited for locations where high maintenance costs are a concern.

Long service life

Despite being an energy-intensive system, high mast lighting offers a wider area of illumination. This helps motorists and pedestrians make safer, more timely decisions, and it also pulls roadside obstructions into the field of view. It is an ideal solution for airport aprons, parking lots, and roadways, among other applications.

However, high mast lights are exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions, which can lead to lamp life and maintenance issues. Among the most common problems are corrosion, fatigue cracking, and loose anchor bolts.

The problem of loose anchor bolts is one of the most significant design flaws in high mast light poles. Fortunately, over the last 20 years, the design has evolved to improve its reliability.

The LED light technology has enabled a more reliable and long-lasting high mast luminaire. This allows facility owners to save up to $8000 a year in maintenance and energy costs, compared to a traditional high mast light.

Another important factor that contributes to the longer service life of high mast light fixtures is the LED driver. This device can perform a variety of subtasks in parallel to reduce energy consumption. The driver can also include overvoltage protection, peak-current detection, and LED dimming.

Low maintenance costs

Keeping up with maintenance costs for high mast lights is a huge concern. Not only are these fixtures exposed to the elements, but they can also interfere with workers and customers’ daily activities.

Conventional lighting systems frequently require extensive traffic control and lane closures. They can also be difficult to maintain in rough working conditions.

Compared to traditional HID lights, LEDs are more energy efficient, durable, and require minimal maintenance. They can also last twice as long.

In addition, they are cost-effective. They use about half the energy of conventional lights, and are able to stand up to tough conditions. This reduces the cost of utility bills, which can also help lower maintenance costs.

If your business is looking to replace an old high mast light fixture, you should consider upgrading to an LED version. You can expect savings of up to $8000 per light per year.

One of the benefits of high mast LED lighting is that it can illuminate a large area without the need for replacement bulbs. Unlike HID lamps, LEDs do not need to be heated up before they can be used. This can help save time, money, and the environment.

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