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Resurfacing The Concrete – Sidewalks Repair in NYC

Resurfacing your sidewalks is a practical step toward improving your residential and commercial areas.

Dot Sidewalk Repair NYC Services offers a practical solution for resurfacing concrete pavements. Why should you trust Sidewalk Repair NYC for concrete issues? They provide the best concrete resurfacing services in town. Our pro concrete contractors have a long list of happy brands and clients they work with. 

As long as your sidewalks in NYC are not cracked completely, you may fix the concrete slab by resurfacing it. Concrete resurfacing is a thin mixture of cement overlay and other special bonding agents. It is poured over existing concrete and adheres to a brand new, beautiful, and smooth look on your sidewalk surface. As the mixture starts to dry, it gets stronger and more durable. While choosing material for your concrete sidewalks, you always expect it to be durable and hefty. In addition, it should be affordable too. So, concrete is known for its versatility and durability. Not only can you customize concrete to achieve a beautiful appearance, but you can also count on its long-lasting life span.

Inspect your Concrete Sidewalk:

However, we can’t prevent external factors from affecting sidewalks. The roads need to be repaired. The situation may differ and depend upon whether it needs to resurface your sidewalks or completely repair them. Every concrete sidewalk is different. So look for sinking areas that may occur due to improper installation. In addition, your sidewalk may experience damage from external elements like the sun and moisture. This assessment and inspection will help you decide if you need to repair, resurface, or replace your concrete sidewalks.

Persisting Factors Behind Concrete Damages:

Some property owners believe there is no need to maintain and repair sidewalks because of their exposure to the elements and heavy use. So, they neglected its maintenance for decades. A wide range of maintenance is needed to repair sidewalks and ensure their durable life span.

Concrete is a spongy material that, over time, begins to decay due to its structure when some natural elements, like moisture and heavy vehicle weight, affect it, which causes small cracks.

  • Sunken concrete sidewalk due to poor installation preparation of subgrade
  • Frost heave occurs when the upward displacement of the soil occurs due to frost action.
  • Due to the disruption of concrete slabs due to the growth of thick tree roots underneath
  • Lack of edge support leads to cracks and crumbling.

With time, the property owner does not pay attention to these minor damages that may cause serious issues, which include crack widening and concrete crumbling that may lead to the need to resurface or completely replace the sidewalks.

Why Do You Choose Resurfacing?

Resurfacing is a scientifically approved method for restoring durability, battered concrete by applying a thin layer of specific materials of the pre-blended, polymer-modified flowable motor on top of an existing surface.

Resurfacing concrete is less expensive than replacing it. Much research showed that high-quality, properly applied, and well-formulated surfaces may expand the concrete life for many years. However, various factors, like proper application and surface preparation, contribute to successful concrete restoration. Various advantages of resurfacing concrete are listed below. Adapting to this method can eliminate the time, labor and expenses of removing an ugly slab and pouring a new one.

Before starting concrete resurfacing, you should follow these points:

  • Watch temperature
  • Concrete cleanliness
  • Patch spalled areas.
  • Spread the resurfacer
  • Trowel out the resurfacer
  • Use some safety measures, including heavy boots and protective glass.

End Note:

You can trust the widely trusted & proven Sidewalk Repair NYC for all concrete resurfacing and repairing services. Highly organized with over 30 years of experience, they provide reliable and timely services. Their primary aim is to meet their customers’ expectations without exceeding the budget limit.

Do you find yourself surrendering to damaged ugly concrete? Schedule a meeting with Sidewalk Repair Services in NYC online and explore your options to have the best suitable concrete resurfacing services. Their crew offers all types of repair services happily. They promise to fix and repair your damaged and ugly concrete sidewalks. Their services also include concrete resurfacing and overlaying! For any project you have, no matter what the property is, commercial or non-commercial, you can always count on the services of Sidewalk Repair in NYC. 

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