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Remove Tree Roots Hazards With Sidewalk Repair NYC

Sidewalks are the pathways that help pedestrians to commute safely. If you may find defective sidewalks around your homes, offices or other property, then you need to repair  Sidewalk Repair NYC has a set goal to keep the sidewalks well-maintained and help prevent pedestrians from injuries caused by defective sidewalks. Sidewalks are made of concrete, considered the best choice due to their long-lasting and durable nature. Over time concrete may damage by many internal and external factors. It can be not only unsightly but very dangerous that may create a trip hazard. 

Some people asked why there is a need to repair these types of cracks. Cracks floor, whether in industrial or residential settings, are considered a liability. The cracks may continue to expand as wheeled traffics starts to damage the sidewalks. Moreover, dirt and debris may enter the cracks, and they can make it difficult to clean. A common problem has been observed: lifting and cracking sidewalks, which look bad and may lead to trip hazards. Some growing tree roots under the sidewalk cause cracking and lifting of the pavement once the tree. When the tree roots exceed a certain size, it creates a trip hazard for pedestrians and liability for property owners.

How do you know Tree Roots damage your Sidewalks?

A root is an essential part of the tree. But roots may lead to several problems for your residential or commercial sidewalks. Here is a list of some damages 

Concrete Foundation:

Tree roots may significantly damage concrete foundations near your properties. Growing roots may expand the existing cracks in the concrete foundations. 

Lifted and cracked Sidewalks:

As the stem of tree roots grows, they can reverse the pavements or surfaces of the sidewalks. They also lift the slabs of concrete sidewalks and crack the paved areas. Usually, trees which are planted nearby sidewalks should be cut off.

Sewer Pipes or System:

Tree roots may easily damage water pipes or sewer lines. If there may be a leakage in a sewer pipe, roots can easily grow into its entrance which may lead to damage. 

Surface Roots:

Surface roots are underneath roots, which may lead to trip hazards or may cause difficulty in cutting down the lawn area. Exposed roots grow towards the surface due to soil erosion or by some frost heaving.

Some Tips to prevent Tree Root Damages:

There are many options to deal with this issue. The following instructions will help you to prevent tree roots damages or fix the existing ones.

  1. Install some barriers like deep roots to prevent growing tree roots.
  2. Remove the roots during construction or hold them in some plastic barriers. 
  3. Some professionals must do this process. 
  4. Remove the roots or cut down the tree roots.
  5. Trim and cut tree roots regularly to prevent them from growing towards the foundation of concrete.
  6. To Plant the trees far enough from the sidewalks and foundations
  7. To Put in irrigation drip line and install root barriers to restrain the damage.

    How To Solve Damaged Sidewalks?

    Choosing the right concrete sidewalk repair service you need to repair or re-concrete sidewalks is an important decision. Property owners need tactics to deal with the invasion of growing tree roots, repair the current issues, and prevent re-occurrence. So a certified and skilled team of sidewalk repairs can help in this matter. So if you are facing lifting tree concrete slabs of your sidewalks near your property caused by tree roots. Feel free to contact Sidewalk Repair NYC for a consultation. They offer better repair options for sidewalks.

    Tree roots can become an important issue that can damage the outside boundaries of the sidewalks of your private and commercial properties. If your sidewalks are affected by the growing tree roots, they need to be repaired. Sidewalk tree damages are a real possibility to experience trip hazards. If you want to repair sidewalk concrete for your NYC sidewalks and driveway, you can rely on Sidewalk Contractors in NYC . It is a globally trusted & proven company that aims to meet its customers’ expectations without exceeding the budget limit. They are highly organized with 30 years of experience providing reliable and timely services. 

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