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After the COVID forced Denny’s to close in 2020, our Petaluma restaurant has new owners, and the reopening should be any minute. We thought the community would like to share their memories, so we asked on social media, and the responses poured in.

First, some background. Denny’s near me began as Danny’s Donuts in Los Angeles in 1953 but changed its name to Denny’s to prevent confusion with another Dan’s. To avail discount code is here Denny’s coupon. Dennys started franchising in the 1960s and now has 1,600 locations in 12 countries.


Denny’s biggest draw has always been its 24-7 hours, including holidays. Many sites were erected without locks on the doors, and when it came time to shut for holidays, restaurants with locking doors didn’t know where the keys were since they’d never used them.


Pam Granger recalls home searching in April 1992, when Denny’s near me was one of the few restaurants open until 9 p.m. This may be true once reopened.


The renowned building’s zigzag roofline was part of the “googie” architectural trend, which expanded fast throughout the U.S. After the turn of the century.


Googie architecture includes classic drive-in theatre signs with Jetson-style text and stars, towering pointed spires above gas station or car wash signs, and Route 66 restaurant signs. Googie’s Coffee Shop in Hollywood was the movement’s architectural hub.
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It’s impossible to talk about Petaluma without mentioning agricultural education, and Mr. King. Barb Brooks remembers the 1990s Petaluma High FFA judging teams’ routine: Denny’s near me for breakfast on the drive to UC Davis and other field day events, then Baskin Robbins afterward. Dana Garzelli Gustafson adds, “Don’t forget the Grand Slams!”.


I didn’t know Denny’s provided post-theater kids programming. Trudee Herman, a Cinnabar Theater parent, and super volunteer, said, “My kids would end every performance with Denny’s. Poor wait staff.

After Cinnabar Young Rep. performances, the cast would go to Denny’s, says Pamela Caralli Smith. Frances Rivett, my Argus food column predecessor, said Mike Whooley “used to hang out there after Petaluma High School play practice”


Kelly Smallcombe played plays in high school and always went to Dennys near me afterward. Victoria Elizabeth Coon recalls visiting Denny’s throughout high school, college, and her 20s after a night of dancing. Stephanie Gandy-Hussey Davis also studied at Denny’s. They provided inexpensive cuisine and were tolerant with college kids.”


Denny’s was a late-night staple for both performers and audiences. Penngrove Market co-owner Shaina ITA Ferraro ate there after Phoenix performances. In costume, we sometimes followed Rocky Horror about. A wide variety of people congregate late at night. So many post-rave lunches!” said April Lofgren.


Denny’s hosted many clean week night and weekend evenings. Linda Davidowski and friends used to go to Denny’s near me after roller skating at the fairgrounds. Dennys was my first full-time job following college. I worked as a busgirl, hostess, and cook for a few years. Memories”


Sherry Jacknowitz Drake recalls cruising the Boulevard after high school games to Henny Penny’s. As the night continued, the couples went to Denny’s. After bowling, hungry? Sheila Attinger recalls racing to Dennys after bowling. We went the motorway, and the boulevard, and always drove the speed limit to see who arrived first.

When I was older, the owner remembered us despite our few visits and always inquired about the kids.


After driving the Boulevard in the 1980s, Karyn Smith and her friends had a grilled cheese sandwich, fries, and shake. “That’s the clean version”


Many (most?) Petalumans visited Denny’s near me after a night of partying. Whether they began the night drinking at a friend’s home or one of our rural roads (Middle Two Rock, Lynch, Guglielmetti, etc.), many of the town’s young ended up at Denn’s. Debbie Boles’ celebration food was “fries and blue cheese dressing.”


Denny’s might have been dubbed “Kodiak’s After-Hours” since so many people went there after line dancing at Kodiak Jack’s.

Not alone after line dancing all night at Kodiak Jack’s, Angelina McCall and her friends went to Dennys for pancakes and milkshakes.


Cassandra Chattan, a dancing instructor at Kodiak’s, wonders, “How many times were we in the same areas before we met?” Like 100? I taught your line or two-step class.”

Laura Rose says many evenings after Kodiak’s were spent line dancing at Denny’s. Saturday nights were better with mozzarella sticks and milkshakes.


It’s interesting how many of us who performed this Kodiak’s-to-cycle Denny’s met later in life and realized we’d met over late-night breakfasts and milkshakes.

At Denny’s, I always had strawberry shakes with “dipping fries” instead of vanilla. They were a standard addition to any Dennys shake. The waitresses constantly refilled my whipped cream when I scraped it off the shake’s top when it arrived at our table.


When there was a Monday morning food battle tale to tell, it was generally at Dennys or Lyon’s. Denny’s reminds Janine Kopping of “Jello battles” – shredding parsley garnishes so they couldn’t be reused. Teenage I tipped well. Not enough.” Kristi Lanatti Martinelli remembers “2:30 food fights.”

Susie Lewis verifies, “Oh yeah…lol,” before Sandie Howell Burger adds, “Kristi Lanatti Martinelli, not you…”


Denny’s mugs are typically seen at garage sales and resale stores due to sticky fingers. They were also popular with scavenger hunters, particularly Friday night high students. Rarely was the list without Dennys or Lyon’s. We always attempted to return items, with or without support from a nice staff. I tell her this so she won’t feel too exposed about her recollection.

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