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Office Ally Practice Mate Vs Nosh EMR: A Comprehensive Analysis 2022 

Office Ally’s Practice Mate is a cloud-based medical practice management platform for small and midsize healthcare organizations. Users can use it to digitize the administrative chores necessary to run a practice, and it can be configured to match the requirements of different specializations. For Stages 1 and 2 of Meaningful Use, this HIPAA-compliant solution can be used in conjunction with Office Ally’s EHR solution. The appointment scheduling module gives users the ability to schedule appointments, keep a calendar, and assign colors to different time frames. Patients can request appointments through the Patient Ally user interface for Office Ally Practice Mate. NOSH software facilitates access to an electronic health record that is consumer-friendly, cutting-edge, faster, and fairly priced for medical practitioners. It includes secure messaging, a patient portal, appointment reminders, and appointment scheduling. Users can choose from a large number of templates. Electronic order input, electronic forms, practice administration tools, graphing and patient-learning document alerts, and cutting-edge tagging are among the other features. 

Office Ally Practice Mate 

Ally Practice Mate is a solid practice management solution that is also free. Its superior clinical services demonstrate its level of excellence. It makes use of an expert clinical database to ensure the accuracy of patient diagnosis processes. It also significantly improves patient engagement by providing all patients with a Patient Ally portal. To put it simply, the vendor believes in concentrated workflows. As a result, it includes all of the elements required for efficient practice management. Many people prefer Practice Mate EHR because they value its ease of use. It maintains its clients’ trust by providing accessible customer support and assisting with programme setup. 

Practice Mate EHR Key Features 

Automatic Statement Tool 

This powerful solution collaborated with PLD Group to provide clients with auto statement mailing and printing services. It guarantees that statements are handled during regular office hours. The cash flow is improved because it eliminates the need to spend countless hours processing statements. 

Client Portal 

Customers have ranked Practice Mate’s client portal as one of its best benefits and advantages. The patient portal enables you to interact with your patients outside of a conventional doctor’s appointment and offers a secure setting for sharing health information. Furthermore, the portal’s accessibility is not hampered by time or place constraints because it is a web-based system. 


The ability to quickly add client information to Practice Mate Office Ally’s EHR is a significant advantage. Thus, the entire procedure is made simpler by the Practice Mate EHR. The demographic information for a patient can be entered easily, and there are even prognostic suggestions. All the patient needs to do is sign up and finish the form. The database of the system is then modified with their details. 

Office Ally Practice Mate Pricing 

The software is free of cost which is why it has a large number of users. With all features and no cost, it is a great tool. 

Office Ally Practice Mate Demo 

Even though the software is free, users can still schedule a demo to see if the software will suit their needs. 

Practice Mate Reviews 

Practice Mate has been extremely useful for users in arranging their bills. Additionally, it provides digital health records at a price that is much lower than competing EHRs. Another advantage of buying Practice Mate is that you don’t have to pay extra to use its practice management features. However, the user interface needs an update. 


An open-source platform for managing clinics and records is called NOSH EMR, or New Open-Source Health ChartingSystem. With its straightforward but adaptable design, doctors can set up their practices anyway they see suitable. It enables scheduling, patient charting and recording, messaging and communication, supply management, and more. Patient encounters displayed in a care timeline in a logical, chronological order. A small Github community offers some assistance for user inquiries and adding functionality through code. It has four different login options for clinicians, assistants, billers, and patients and is self-hosted. For a fee, integrations with third parties are available for faxing and e-prescribing. 

NOSH EMR Key Features 


Demographics, current problems, prescriptions, dietary supplements, prior experiences, and more are all detailed in the charts. It has an automated reminder and alert system in addition to an internal document handling and creation system that works with the patient portal. 

Reporting Tool 

Practitioners are alerted by reports that are created automatically. These consist of supply reports, open medical issues, etc. Custom tags and predefined search parameters can be used to tailor reports. 

Medical Records 

More accurate and pertinent reports leading up to interactions are made possible by the ability to customize reports in records. In order to meet their demands, doctors can customize the templates for the review of systems, physical examination, and medical history. The patient portal allows for the delivery, completion, and storage of customized electronic forms. 


The software’s functionality grows and adapts to the needs of the practice. Because it is open-source, users can customize it to their liking or use third-party integrations and prebuilt modification options. 


The pricing for the software starts at $50 per month. But if a user wants a customized package then the vendor can be directly contacted for more information. 


The software’s website has a free demo option for all users. With this demo one can easily see the features and operations of the software like a teaser before actually spending money on it.  

NOSH EMR Reviews 

Users have mentioned that the appointment scheduling feature is simple and easy to use. Moreover, its patient portal is also very user-friendly. And with the voice recognition tool, it is easy to handle everything. But it does not have a mobile app which is a drawback.  


Be it Practice Mate or NOSH, always choose an EMR that is suitable for your practice and meets its needs 


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