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How Your Social Media Strategy can Boost your Website Traffic?

Social media and SEO are two distinct concepts for us, but they are two seeds in the same pot. There is an understanding between the two. Many marketers do not prioritise social media for SEO. The main reason is the marketer’s lack of comprehension.

But the truth is that social media can help SEO efforts. And there are numerous methods. And, if you believe that sharing your content on social media is the only thing you can do, you are mistaken. You are destroying your SEO. If you do not combine social media and SEO, you may end up jeopardising your organic branding and content traffic.

Social signals, on the other hand, are consistent. And, when it comes to developing a great social media and SEO strategy, these signals are the indicators. If you receive more shares, you are more likely to receive backlinks, which are one of the factors that determine search engine rankings.

And it is for this reason that social media should be something that you focus on every day.

Getting links is becoming a problem

Social media is not always given the credit it deserves. And, despite being one of the primary touchpoints, it frequently does not receive the same attribution credit for conversions. Second, because your blogger can see your post, it is not attributed to backlinks.

However, this is not the case, as social media is one of the most effective ways to obtain backlinks. Marketers have used this method numerous times to increase social shares and get content in front of high-profile sites.

Social sharing and SEO are less about the number of shares and more about the impact they have. It means that if you get 1,000 shares on social media but only 999 are from low-traffic sites, it will have no effect.

Optimizing your profiles is difficult for you

One of the most common social media mistakes that can have an impact on rankings is a failure to optimise profiles. This can have an impact on your profile. If you cannot optimize profiles, you could land up with fewer clicks, social and less organic traffic. This is why people prefer to bid on branded PPC terms. They wanted maximum SERP so that they could achieve search queries from all the branded companies and clicks.

What does Your CEO have to say about your Marketing Strategies?

The majority of CEOs believe that social media is best for establishing reputation and building customer engagement, but it is ineffective as a primary marketing strategy. These are the driving forces behind a set of metrics aimed at increasing conversions and sales. People were expected to spend the most time utilising metrics such as clicks, impressions, and shares, which was not the marketer’s expectation. They are tired, which is why using social media to get the CEO on board could be a good strategy.

For that matter, why do you think a CEO could become dissatisfied with social media? Much of it is dependent on its ability to connect social media metrics with metrics that are important to the CEO, such as conversions and sales. Many CEOs expect that marketing should impact their bottom line.
They reported their three top priorities new customers, increased sales, and sales lead generation. It is not surprising that it is not easy to convince them of the importance of social media if they cannot visualize how it is impacting them what they care about the most.

Social media does not cost much to target consumers

You can get highly targeted website traffic from Facebook, which is as little as $0.13 on an average per click.Parameters set by social advertising are so comprehensive that you can easily get exposed to your niche audience. If you are not adopting social media strategy, you are paying too much for your digital marketing campaigns. Our dream is not to become huge, but rather to be really good at what we do! Please visit our eNgagency today.


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