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How To Wear High Heels Pain-Free All Day

1. Buy shoes with a perfect fit

Be sensible and always go shopping for heels and shoes at the end of the day. Your feet are usually a bit swollen from walking and therefore at their largest. Choose a shoe that fits the shape of your foot. Make sure the shoe is just slightly wider than your foot.

It is also essential to choose the right size when buying high heels. Be aware that different brands may use different sizes. So don’t just look at the brand only instead you need to keep in your mind many other things.

Not all high heels are the same. Easy walking depends on choosing the right heels. 

Always try on both shoes in the store and walk around with them. If they don’t immediately feel comfortable, they probably never will.

But whatever shoe with whatever heel you choose, this trick always works. All you need is a roll of Leukoplast, the skin-colored tape that you can buy at almost any drugstore. Stick your third and fourth toe – counting from your big toe – together and voilà: you can walk in heels all day long.

2. Start with a lower heel

If you’ve never walked in heels before, don’t start with four-inch stilettos. It’s better to start with small-size heels after build-up and go for higher heels as you get used to them.  

There are many different types of heels to choose from, varying in height and shape. By training your feet in lower dolce vita paily heels, your ankles develop the strength they need to walk safely in higher heels.

Start with a wider heel instead of a thin one to help balance your footing. Closed shoes are also easier to step on than open sandals, as they provide more support to your feet and ankles.

Wedges or platform shoes are an excellent choice if you prefer a slightly higher heel but are not ready for stilettos yet.

3. Let your feet get used to the shoes

It is important to break in your shoes before wearing them. Wear new high-heeled shoes indoors for a day before going outside. This way you not only get used to wearing it, but your heels also become less slippery at the bottom as they wear. Practice all the things you would normally do: walking up and down the stairs, walking on different types of floors, … 

If your high heels feel tight, you can spray the inside of your shoes with mister mint Stretch. This effective spray softens the material inside your shoe and is available at your nearest mister mint store.

4. Give your feet some rest

If you’re wearing high heels, the best thing you can do to avoid pain is to sit as much as possible! This way your feet get rest and they stay fresh. Cross your legs, sit up straight and extend your legs from the waist.  Don’t take off your high heels, because if your feet are swollen, it will be difficult to put them back on and your feet will hurt even more.  

If you’re going to work in heels every day, alternate between different types of shoes, varying in height.

5. Use insoles for more comfort

For even more comfort and a better fit, you can place gel or leather insoles in your high heels. They can reduce pressure and give extra support to the front part of the foot or heel. They can also prevent your foot from sliding forward. So that’s another good thing for the safety of your feet. Discover our range of gel and leather insoles here.

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