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How to Draw A Cartoon Ear

How to Draw A Cartoon Ear. The human body is a complex structure made up of many smaller features. Even if you concentrate on one of these smaller features, there’s a lot of complexity to see!

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This means that some of these parts can be quite difficult to draw, even if you see them daily.

Learning to draw a cartoon ear is an example of a small part of the body, but it’s quite complex.

When you face a difficult challenge, you can make it a lot easier on yourself by breaking it down into smaller passages, and that’s what we intended for you here.

How to Draw A Cartoon Ear

Step 1

To begin this guide to drawing a cartoon ear, let’s start by outlining the ear itself.

This is styled with a single curved line, but it can still be challenging, even if it’s one line.

The curved line is very specific, as it will add to the other aspects of the ear that we will be adding soon.

Do your best to follow the reference image closely and refer to the following images in the guide so they can see how this line’s curves come into play later.

So we can move on to passage 2!

Step 2

In this step, you will finish your comic book design outline. Luckily, this should prove to be much easier than the previous step.

It doesn’t add curves to the outline but instead fills the space in it from the first step.

This requires a simple curved line, so the outline is complete. That’s all for now, so we can say goodbye to 3 of this guide.

Step 3

You’ve completed the outline, and now we’re going to add some of the internal details of the ear.

Ears are very complex organs, meaning drawing internal details can be easier said than done!

For this step, we will follow the reference image slowly and carefully to make adding those initial details easier.

First, we draw a large curved line near the top perimeter of the ear. As you can notice in our sample, this line crosses almost the entire top half of the ear.

So we’re going to add another much more complex line.

This extends from the first curved line, bends to the left, and then turns into a wavy line that looks slightly like a 3 -inverse.

This part can be a bit complicated. So take your time and carefully follow the reference image to help you!

Step 4

The previous step of this cartoon ear design was a bit tricky, so in this step, we’re going to make things nice and easy!

In this step, you will only add a simple row. We’ll draw a simple curved line descending from the top corner line you designed in the last step.

This new line extends to one-half of the ear. That’s all for now, and we can add some final elements to the guide’s next phase!

Step 5

We have another easy step in this part of our direction on how to draw a funny ear! This time we’re going to add another curved line, but it will go along the bottom of the ear.

Draw A Cartoon Ear

Once you have finished designing a cartoon ear! Before proceeding, you can also add some additional details that you would like.

There is a fun and creative design you can choose! One idea would be to draw earrings on the ear, and if you have a big piece of paper, you can draw the rest of the face.

These are just a few ideas to try as you finish this drawing. What ideas do you have?

Step 6

Now it’s time to finish off this ear with a little color. You can color this ear in different skin tones and variations, and we’ve shown you one approach in our example.

Cartoon Ear Drawing

Regardless of the combination of colors, you can see in our example that we changed the different shades of colors to show the shading.

We recommend using watercolors for this design as it’s great for replicating skin tone! This is just one remedy you could use, and each one will look beautiful.

Your Cartoon Ear Drawing is Finished!

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