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How to Download and View Your Twitter History Archive?

If you’re a heavy Twitter user you would possibly want to download an interactive and searchable archive of your history. This offers you the ability to view your tweet records offline and returned them up for use later in case you want it. Here you go is the way to request, download, and use your Twitter archive.

Download Your Twitter Archive

Launch a browser on your pc and log in for your Twitter account in case you’re no longer already. Then click on More from the menu on the left-hand facet.

  • Then from the menu that pops up click on Settings and privateness.
  • Next, on the Settings web page, click on Your account after which Download an archive of your records.
  • On the subsequent web page, you’ll need to confirm your password. Type it inside the “Password” area and click the Confirm button.

Now on the next page click on the Request archive button. After clicking the button you may need to wait even as Twitter data your data. You will get an in-app notification or e-mail with a link to download the file. You gained to get to download your Twitter archive right away. The quantity of time it takes to get your notification will range.

Download and View Your Twitter Archive

Once you get the message that Twitter has your archive geared up it’s time to download it. Just observe the commands in your app or email notification Here you go. Note that you’ll have a restricted time window wherein you may download your archive.

Once your report has been downloaded, you’ll be aware of several files, just extract all of them into one folder. The predominant report to check out is the “Your archive.Html” report.

That file will open your Twitter timeline archive on your default browser. Navigate through it similar to what you’ll on the internet site. You can view Home, Account, Tweets, Likes, Direct Messages, and greater. You may also see the date the archive turned into generated and the anticipated size of the file.

I’m a mild Twitter user, however, it’s nevertheless thrilling to peer what I became tweeting out over time. You can search your archive for unique terms, usernames, and hashtags for the usage of the Search area at the pinnacle. You can also use seek filters and tweet dates and look at replies and retweets.

It additionally lets you view a selected tweet on Twitter online. This makes it easy to retweet, favour, or respond to a number of your older posts.

Another thrilling folder to test out is information > tweet_media. There you will locate media files which you have uploaded over time like photos.

It’s correct to download your Twitter archive from time to time and store it in a secure region. Especially in case you are a heavy user. You in no way recognise when the social media large may go down.

Or inside the occasion, your account gets suspended and you couldn’t get entry to it. This lets you locate some treasured data or a selected direct message.

Plus it could just be amusing to search through your archive and spot what you’ve posted over time. Or, maybe you want to download it earlier than you cancel your account.

What kind of records is to be had to me?

Your Twitter statistics present you with an image of your Twitter records, including the following:

Account: If you are logged in on your Twitter account, you may see information which includes your username, email addresses or cellphone numbers associated with your account, and your account advent details.

You will even see positive information that you may have formerly furnished to us, consisting of your birthday and profile region.

Whether or no longer you’re logged in, you may also see positive information that we’ve got inferred approximately your account or tool including gender and age variety. You can update or correct a maximum of this information at any time (your account creation info can not be edited).

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