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Get Accommodation in Dar Ul Aman Lahore

Get Accommodation in Dar Ul Aman Lahore:

If you wish to get accommodation in darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore, you may contact Aazad Law Associates. Intervention Rehabilitation, Intervention and the Violence Against Women, Shelters, Social Work. Introduction Shelter homes are regarded as an important bulwark that provides protection and treatment for women since the establishment of special shelters designed specifically for women who have been victims who are victims of abuse is the only immediate quick, effective and reliable solution in darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore.

Effective Solution:

The shelters generally work to provide an immediate and effective solution to the issue that women are the victims of abuse in various areas of the globe (Ballard 2012; Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (2010); Martin, 1976; Dubois & Miley, 1996; Dobash & Dobash, 1992). Pakistan’s government Pakistan expressed its concern over gender-based violence caused by the widespread customs and traditions. In addition, the protection under the law is not sufficient, and access to shelter is difficult. In these conditions, women are not able to flee the violence.


The victims of violence tried to gain shelter houses to seek help and justice. In Pakistan, the government has set up refuge homes (darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore) across all provinces in Pakistan. Dar-ul Aman translates to “house that is peaceful” (Eshraghi 2006). Ministry of Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Mall (2005) has described shelter homes as “a location where we offer temporary shelter, legal aid, medical assistance and psycho-social counseling services for women who are in need” (p. 1.). In Pakistani tradition, women abandon their homes as an act of final resort to seek a warm and welcoming environment.

Lawyers in Lahore:

Regarding the darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore the woman would suffer inhumane and hostile behaviors (Hashmi 2009). Some families do not want to host their female relatives after they have quit their marital home and ignore the abuse that is perpetrated by their husbands or their inlaws. When their family members abandon their relatives, shelters offer shelter to victims of violence (Patel 2010). In darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore, the women are directed by courts, organizations or they can seek help themselves. Each Dar-ul Aman is accountable for protecting its inhabitants from threats from the outside and within (Government of Pakistan 2011).

Spread Across:

Up to the year 2006, there were 15 Dar-ul Aman spread across four provinces in Pakistan, and eight were located in Punjab (Eshraghi 2006). Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is home to four Dar-ul-Aman located in D.I.Khan, Mardan, Abbottabad, and Sawat to provide a safe environment along with legal and human services. Each Dar-ul-Aman was established to provide institutional-cum-residential care to destitute and run away women along with legal assistance, ethical and religious education, arrangement for effective reconciliation and compromise with the families along with vocational and skill training to enable them to generate income for their livelihood and their subsequent reintegration into the society (Government of Pakistan, 2012).

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