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Gan Cube Review

Having the Gan Cube is a great way to enjoy your favorite game in a whole new way. The Gan Cube is a robot that will allow you to play a wide variety of games, including the popular Battlefield 2. The Gan Cube has many unique features that allow you to enjoy the game without having to worry about getting lost. It has an Aimbot feature, which allows you to aim at the target without any hassle. It can be used to play games on mobile phones, as well as computers.

GAN 356 Air SM

Designed by Gan, the Air M is the second-tier cube in the line. It features a lightweight construction and an efficient aimant system. It’s also the first GAN cube to feature honeycomb design on pieces. It also comes with the Pro Duel Adjustment system, which lets you customize the cube to your liking.

The Air M also features a smooth and fast-turning performance. It has a powerful interior aimant, allowing for higher speed turns. It also has an anti-rayures surface. In addition, it has a smooth and quiet feel, even out of the box.

The Air SM is a little more expensive than the XS and X V2. It’s also a little bulkier. It also has a clear nut that controls the tension of the cube. It has six settings and can be adjusted to make the cube more or less tight.


Whether you’re a cube aficionado or a newbie to the world of trippy puzzles, GAN CUBE has got you covered. With their latest offerings, you can be sure to be a winner in no time. You’ll find that their cubes are stocked with the latest in tech and style. Their cubes are a hit with the competitive set. They have all your needs covered ranging from a beginner to pro level cube. They’re the best. The best thing is, you’ll find that the team is more than happy to help you out. Moreover, they’re a fun place to be. You’ll find that they have an unbeatable customer service department that will go above and beyond to help you find the best cube for your budget.

‘Aimbot’ feature

Among all the cubes available today, the Gan Cube is a winner for many reasons. For starters, this cube is a great example of a’stickerless’ puzzle. This means that there are no nuts to worry about and no stickers to remove. It also comes with a hand-adjustable Numerical IPG Core.

The GMS is a nifty little device that allows you to adjust the magnet strength. The eight corner pieces that make up the magnetic post system allow you to change between six different magnet settings in one rotation. This is an impressive feat for a puzzle that has a relatively low price point.

The Dual Adjustment System (DAS) is another nifty little device that allows you to easily change the springs on your cube. The springs are colour-coded and have 0.8mm compression. This allows you to adjust the distance of the axis and the tension of the cube.

Elasticity levels

Unlike other 3×3 speed cubes, GAN has its own tensioning system known as the GAN Elasticity System, or GES. This system allows for precise tensioning, which in turn makes the cube feel smoother to turn.

GES nuts are composed of a nut, a precise spring, and a spring cap. These nuts offer three elasticity settings, which help you to adjust the cube’s feel. They are available in seven different colours and each nut has a different level of elasticity. The purple nut is the weakest nut and the red nut is the strongest. The yellow nut is in the medium strength category. The white and orange nuts are the most difficult to turn.

GAN has released two special coated versions of the GAN 11 M Pro. Both of these versions are available in home and office versions. Each model comes with an adjustment tool, protective storage bag, and additional magnets.

Compatible with the Gan Robot

Previously, there were only two options for magnets in the GAN 3×3 range. The first was the GAN 356 Air UM, which was the first mass produced magnetic 3×3. The other option was the GAN 356i Play, which lacked gyroscope technology.

GAN’s next flagship 3×3 was the Gan X. It featured GMS v3 core magnets and adjustable corner magnets. It also had a honeycomb design to help retain lubricant. There was also a stickered version.

GAN also pioneered the first elasticity system. They also released the first magnet replacement system. Gans also developed a honeycomb v2 presentation for their cubes. In 2007, Ganyuan Jiang set the first national speed solving record for Chinese 3x3s. He also sponsored Philipp Weyer and Tymon Kolsinski.

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