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Enhance Your Existing Router’s Range Through Wavlink Extender Setup

Wavlink extender setup works as a repeater to boost your current router’s performance and work conveniently. By just installing the extender at your abode or workstation, your devices will get a strong signal at every corner. Although it is a user-friendly device if you face any hurdles while configuring or using the extender, utilize this information. 

Plug Your Extender Near The Current Router

In the first step, after getting the wavlink extender, plug it into an electric power socket. Keep in mind that the extender should not be placed far away from your router. As this will cause interruptions in the signal and make a weak connection. Also, keep your extender away from metal and electronic devices. 

Later, connect your device to the router’s WiFi network by inserting the default password. Apart from that, you can connect your laptop or PC by using an ethernet wire. If you opt for this wired connection, then you will surely get a strong and safe signal. 

Configure Wavlink AC600 Setup On The Web-Based Setup Page

After connecting your device, launch any web browser on it. Following this, type the extender’s default web address which is wifi.wavlink.com then click enter. As a result, you will see the extender’s web-based setup page on the next screen which contains the login details field. 

In that field, enter the login credentials and click enter. Here, use the extender’s default username and password to log in to the page. After that, start the setup process by filling in some basic required details. Make sure to use the correct details there and after some time, the extender will complete the process. 

Try Another Method If You Face wifi.wavlink.com Not Working

In case you are not able to access the web page by using the web address or face wifi.wavlink.com not working error. Then you can use the IP address instead of the web address for the Wavlink AC600 Setup. Here, the extender’s IP address is 

Insert this IP address in the search bar of the web browser and tap enter. Thus, the web browser will bring you to the setup page. There, you can execute the setup process by inserting some essential details in the required field. 

Install Your Wavlink AC600 Setup Through WPS Method

Besides that, you can opt for the WPS function to install your extender easily. However, to do this, verify that your router must have a WPS button and it should be in working condition. Plug the extender into a power outlet and follow the rest of the steps. 

  • After plugging in your extender, you will see changes in the light which indicates and makes it ready to set up. 
  • Next, press the extender’s WPS button for a few seconds to enable it. 
  • Within the next two minutes, push the router’s button. 
  • Lastly, wait for a few minutes till the extender connects to the router. 
  • Thus, you will get successful in connecting your extender and the router

Utilize Some Useful Points To Keep The Extender Working Flawlessly

Verify the working and connection of the extender is necessary, once you complete the wavlink extender setup process. In order to do this, follow some essential points and tips. 

  • After configuring the extender, you can relocate it to the desired place while keeping it in the router’s range. 
  • More than that, verify the LED indications often and the connection as well. 
  • Use the appropriate login details, username, password, and web or IP address of the extender. 
  • Additionally, perform the internet speed on the web browser to check whether you are getting optimum internet speed or not. 
  • Lastly, update the extender’s firmware on time to run the extender smoothly. 

Note: If you face any errors in the extender’s working, then you can choose the reset function. Disconnect your devices from the extender and reset it. Wait until the extender do its factory reset and then reconfigure the extender. 

To Recapitulate

We expect that by using these clear directions, you will be able to configure your extender hassle-free. In any case, if there any error occurs while configuring or using the extender, don’t think twice to contact us to get the relevant solutions. 


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