Paper recycling is the process by which waste paper is turned into new paper products and reduces the number of trees that are cut down.
Thursday, September 21

Emerging Trends in Recycled Paper Industry

Paper recycling is the process by which waste paper is turned into new paper products. The process involves the collection, sorting, shredding & pulping, filtering, contaminant removal & de-inking, and finishing for reuse of waste paper.

Waste paper, such as old newspapers, magazines, corrugated, wrapping, and packaging papers, among others, are recycled for reuse.

Recycled paper offers various advantages, such as saving energy, water, and landfill space. It helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and recycled fiber is a sustainable, cost-saving resource for making new paper products.

The increasing awareness regarding the environmental impact of the accumulation of waste and failure to manage it have been among the major reasons driving various governments worldwide to enforce regulations associated to waste management. The paper recycling industry has been expanding across many countries, such as the US, Canada, India, China, Japan, and Germany. The government of various nations are implementing regulations to encourage the recycling of waste paper.

Numerous associations such as The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), Independent Waste Paper Processors Association (IWPPA), The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), and European Recovered Paper Association (ERPA) encourage the practice of recycling paper. Such associations are supporting the growth of the recycled paper market.

Some of the key market players in the global recycled paper include Cascades Recovery+, Global Waste Recyclers Ltd, Hanna Paper, Heinzel Holding GmbH, International Paper, Perlen Papier AG, Republic Services, Inc., Sonoco Products Company, ST Paper Resources Pte Ltd, American Chung Nam, Waste Management and WASCO among others.

Increasing urbanization and middle class population with surge in literacy rates in the developing countries such as India, China, and Brazil will create the huge demand for paper products such as newsprint, packaging, and writing paper. Also, changing consumer preferences towards convenient packaging solutions along with sustainability in mind will diminish the demand for plastic packaging and hence fuel the paper and paperboard industry.

Despite being highly recyclable material, PET material is not yet recycled more than 30% of its annual consumption. Growing concern towards polymer-based products will not only diminish its future prospects but simultaneously increase the demand for paper and paperboard which is fully bio-degradable in nature.

Impact of Recycled Paper

Recycling of paper not only saves more and more natural resources but also saves lots of manufacturing expenses. Primary application for the recycled paper are the newsprint paper, printing & writing paper, and packaging products.

Packaging waste, if not recycled, may pollute the environment and create serious health problems.

Market Dynamics

Paper recycling market has witnessed significant growth in the last few years due to increasing concern over depleting environmental resources. The demand for recycled paper is increasing at a CAGR of more than 7-8% annually in the developing countries.

This scenario could be reversed by the increase in domestic production of the recovered paper in the country.

Regional Overview

On the basis of region, the Paper Recycling market is segmented into seven regions which include North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Japan. Approximately more than 57 million tons of paper is collected in the Europe for recycling activities. And the collection rate is steadily increasing, exceeding 50% every year. Also, more than 50% of the raw material demand in the Europe is fulfilled by the recycled paper. Newsprint, followed by packaging products, is the largest end use application of the recycled paper. Paper recycling market is growing but at a slower rate in developed regions than developing ones.

Escalating demand will also boost the demand for recycled paper in the region.

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