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About the game Bau Cua Shrimp Fish

The name of this game is Bau Cua Shrimp Fish at KUBET. The way to call guests that people also call dice gourd crab, Shrimp, fish fish. This game comes from the folk game of Southern China. Up to now, this game is very popular in entertainment games at festivals in Vietnam.

In terms of form, https://kubet77.us/ca-cuoc-king-of-glory-hap-dan-tren-kubet/ is similar to games with dice. The difference is that the dice used in Bau Cua Shrimp Fish are drawn with shrimp shapes; crabs; Fish; pregnant chickens; and coins. The equipment to proceed with the game consists of a dice cup, and the dice have been printed with the animals, as mentioned.

Steps to enter the game Bau Cua Shrimp Fish

To enter this game on Kubet, you, in turn, follow these steps:

Download KUBET App

Step 1: Log in to your Ku casino account from the Kubet homepage. If you do not have an account, see the instructions for registering kubet to create your own playing account.

Step 2: After logging in, go to the Live Casino directory. Then you click on WM Casino. At the list of games on WM Casino, click Fish – Shrimp – Crab to start playing.

How to play and rules for players

https://kubet77.us/keo-so-ban-thang-trong-bong-da/ system will count people timed betting in each turn. During this betting period, you choose the doors you predict winning.

After the betting time, the holder will press the button to make the dice roll upside down. The game’s result will be based on the scores of the three dice that appear after the dice system stops shaking. At that time, the host enters the score of these 3 numbers. The system will display the results of the winning doors. You can monitor this result shown in the light on the results table at KUBET.

If the dice, after being shaken, are overlapped or tilted, leading to indistinguishable score results, the turn is forfeited. In this case, the entire bet of that game is refunded to the player to continue the new game.

Tips for new players

New players need to remember the adjacent and opposite sides between the dice. From there, you will rely on the following rule to choose in the next game. Specifically:

You can remove the opposite side of the three faces that have appeared.

Attention should be paid to faces adjacent to the one that has appeared. That is the data that helps you find the look that appears in the next game.

Top-up KUBET guide

It would be best if you remembered that gourd is the opposite of crab, Shrimp with Fish, and chicken with deer at https://kubet77.us/.

The gourd is adjacent to Fish, deer, Shrimp, and crab.


According to the experience of previous players, they have drawn the following results:

The result of the first shovel is 2 Gourds – 1 Crab -> The next game, you win when you place Shrimp or Crab.

The result of the first shovel is 2 Gourds – 1 Chicken -> The next game you place Baus, you win.

Result of first shoveling out: 2 Crab – 1 Gourd -> After placing Shrimp, win.

Result of first shoveling out: 2 Shrimps – 1 Gourd -> The next game if you place Nai, you win.

The first result is 2 Fish – 1 Deer -> After placing Shrimp, you win at KUBET.

The result of the first shovel is 2 Chickens – 1 Gourd -> After placing Fish, you win.

Result of first shoveling out: 2 Chickens – 1 Fish -> The next game, when you place Bau, you win.

The result of the first shovel is 2 Nai – 1 Fish -> The next game, if you place Chicken or Deer, you win.

Kubet’s lottery

As for those who are too familiar with the rules of the appearance of the dice, you can apply the following tips to ensure you win.

Understanding the methods of playing Fish, Shrimp, crab

If the player wants to win at Ku casino, you must adhere to the following rules. These principles you can only apply when playing with crabs and Fish in real life. Specifically as:

Bet by the majority

The best tip for playing crabs and shrimps is that you should bet with the majority. Because most often put after the player who wins or wins a lot. However, to apply this tip, you must skip the first ten games. After that, you will find out who is the best player to bet on that person. This is also considered a good tip for those new to the game.

Bet on the frequently appearing

Many KUBET casino players impart the experience of playing crabs, shrimps, and fish layers. Those are the capacitors that appear with a lot of frequency. Then these capacitors are likely to appear on the back screen very high. Therefore, keep an eye on the levels and then aim for the most frequent capacitors.

Apply the tips for raising capacitors

Players can apply tips that many good players share. Such as:

Raise a single pair of capacitors: This will prevent players from receiving many goals. Because placing focus on a single capacitor will have a low win rate. However, your win rate will be higher when you double the number of these capacitors. It would be best if you remembered this way of raising capacitors, and you need stable playing capital at https://kubet77.us/. Besides, it would be best if you considered placing a reasonable bet.

Full guide to top-up KUBET’s account

Raising capacitors by the folding method: This way of raising capacitors is understood as follows: In the first 5 stages, you will increase one capacitor. If on the first screen this capacitor appears, on the next screen, you will double the money for that capacitor. However, this tip only applies to experienced players. This way of playing requires you to be patient and takes a lot of your time. The winning rate is low, but make sure you lose less.

Understanding the tips to play crabs and Fish will help you win about 70%. In addition, https://kubet77.us/keo-so-ban-thang-trong-bong-da/ is another problem that enables you to complete the 30% win rate on the game screen. That is the mentality and attitude of the player who chooses crabs and shrimps in real life. So, how do you have the best mentality and performance when playing betting?

Staying mentally strong is a trick that you should remember

Psychology is an essential factor when participating in gambling betting at KUBET. The same goes for playing crabs and Fish in real life. Players need to keep a clear head to calculate. Mentally comfortable to accept the win and lose and continue playing.

Staying mentally strong is a trick that you should remember

Some principles to help you stay mentally strong when participating in the election of crabs and shrimps are as follows:

Keep the crowd from dominating your mind. It would be best if you only observed good players to learn from their playing experience. In addition, for the fringe components, you should care only a little about the. They make you psychologically deceitful.

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If you are at the peak of your performance, you are on a winning streak at Ku casino. You are not in a position to influence the psychology of the game. Because when you feel satisfied with the results, you have achieved. Chances are, you fall into a state of distraction and distraction. This can cause you to lose entirely in the next screen after that.

Suppose you fall into the situation of losing too much. At this time, your mind will likely be confused and need help figuring out what to do. What you need to do now is to stay calm to stabilize your mind. When your mind is stable, your mind will begin to judge the game screen correctly.

Observe how to bet on crabs and shrimps

Observe how to bet on crabs and shrimps

One trick to playing crabs, Shrimp, and Fish at KUBET for you are to focus on observing. Observation focus is reflected in 2 factors:

Watch players win consecutively throughout the https://kubet77.us/tai-xiu-2-5-la-gi/ screen to follow them. People who often win for sure

They must have had great experience and forethought. However, you will need help understanding their gameplay. So you only have to follow them.

Observe the appearance of capacitors on the game screen to find the rules.

These two factors will help you have a straightforward way to win.

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Bet on the lucky pool

A strange thing in the games of Bau Cua that few people at https://kubet77.us/ can explain is that there will always be lucky gatherings at a table. These are capacitors with a continuous opening frequency. To identify these capacitors, you need to memorize, observe and summarize the results of Bau Cua. Then select the capacitor that has the most openings and bet on it. With this method, you will quickly eat all the money in the village!

The house offering free bets will summarize the results in the table on the screen, making your monitoring and analysis much more straightforward.

Bet on who is winning big

Betting who wins big is also an effective way to play Bau Cua. At the table, pay attention to the people playing with you. If you notice that a particular player is betting a lot, then bet with that person. Most likely, https://kubet77.us/seagame-31-esports/ is a Bau Cua master or a player who is in luck. Following them will help you “enjoy your soul” and earn money!

Calculate the probability of the faces of Bau Cua

Because it is a betting game based on the sides of the dice, Bau Cua is also one of the games that can predict the result in advance by calculating the probability of the displayed sides of the dice. To do this you need to apply a lot of in-depth mathematical knowledge. At the same time, there must be sensitivity and observance. So this is usually the way that professional players make money in significant and essential casinos.

Know when to stop

Knowing when to stop at the right time is also an excellent way to play Bau Cua, which needs to be applied to win money in Bau Cua casinos. Stay caught up in the games. You should set yourself a reasonable limit of play and stop as soon as you reach that limit—for example, the limit on playing capital. If you run out of money, stop immediately without “borrowing” to continue playing. Or you are limited in time. According to many studies, the maximum time for the brain to focus on a specific problem is 30-45 minutes. If this time is over, you should stop immediately!

Have your playing strategy

Professional players always have their playing strategies. If you want to make long-term money with this game, you should have a suitable playing strategy as a guideline. Tactics to beat Bau Cua a lot, but not all of them suit you. Therefore, you should consult and choose to find your invincible strategy!

Pay attention to the situation.

Paying attention to the situation is a way of playing Bau Cua that always wins special “seniors” and passes it on to new players. This is a money game, so besides being a place for players to play “swordfish,” Bau Cua is also a lucrative bait for merchants. If you are not very focused, tricks can happen at any time. Pay attention to observing every move of KUBET, especially the one holding the card. Don’t let them have the opportunity to clean your pocket and make you lose money unjustly!


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