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How to Draw a Cartoon Boat

How to Draw a Cartoon Boat

Cartoon boat drawing in just eight easy steps. Few activities are more fun and relaxing than spending a day on the water. By doing this, you will probably want to own a boat, and these come in many different shapes, sizes, and varieties!You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, scary drawing,kids drawing  creative drawing, and flower drawing

A boat can be fun to own or imagine what it would look like, and learning how to draw a cartoon boat is a great way to plan what your perfect boat would look like. By the end of this guide, you’ll have done just that, and you’ll have a great photo of your ship! So get ready to set sail for some creative fun as we release this step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon ship in just eight fun and easy steps.

How to draw a cartoon ship – let’s get started!

Step 1

We will start with the base of your cartoon ship drawing in this first step of the guide. As you can see in our reference image, this is drawn as a fairly simple flat shape, but it can still be more complicated than expected! It has a thin diagonal section, extending to a more horizontal section for the front of the ship’s body. This is a step where you should follow our reference image carefully. We also highly recommend using a ruler for this and the next steps, as it will make your life easier!

Step 2: Next, draw another section for the bottom of the boat.

You still need to finish the base of the boat, and we’ll add another section in this step of our guide on drawing a cartoon boat. The next section will go directly above the section you drew in the previous step. You will notice more detail in this section than in the last part. For example, you can see the edge of the bridge outline on this one. Once you’ve drawn this section, we can move on!

Step 3: Now draw the start of the cabin.

As with real ships, there is often a small cabin on board, and we’ll start drawing that now. This should be a simple step, and it’s another one we think a ruler would be perfect for! All you have to do is draw three straight vertical lines near the front of the boat. The top of this cabin will be blank, but we’ll fix that soon.

Step 4: Next, draw a neck

Before adding the rest of the cabin for your cartoon design, we’ll first add a mast. Sounds simple, but this is another one that can be a bit tricky. Again, this is a step where a ruler would be helpful. The neck is separated into three sections, each thinner than the last. As shown in our example, there will also be a thin straight section protruding to the left.

Step 5: Now Finish the Cabin

We will complete the booth you started in step 3 of this guide on drawing a cartoon boat. First, use straight lines to create the thin cabin roof. For them, we will draw a round window on the side with a rectangular window for the front. That’s all there is to it, and we can go on!

Step 6: Next, draw the beginning of the candle.

Now we can start drawing the sail of this ship, and we’ll start by drawing a thin wavy flag at the top of the mast. Then using your ruler, you can draw a straight line from the horizontal pole you drew on the flag pole earlier just below the flag. Then there are just a few final details to add in the next step before coloring this ship!

Step 7: Finish the Pattern on the Sail

You’re ready to add some pattern details to your cartoon boat design at this stage, and we’ll also add any other finishing touches you’d like. For the candle, you can draw a few straight horizontal lines over the triangular candle you started in the previous step. Once it’s drawn, you can add your details! To finish it off, you can draw a background to show where this ship might be sailing. What ocean environment would you like to create for this cartoon ship?

Step 8: Now finish with some color.

For the final step of this guide, we’ll end with a bit of coloring fun. To do this, we will use different shades of brown for the boat’s exterior. Then for the sail, we alternate a few light shades of blue for the pattern. This NA


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