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Carry Out The Linksys Extender Setup Process In Simple Steps

The Linksys Extender Setup is an easily accessible device that you can install and use conveniently. Basically, it works as a booster to enhance the signal and strength of your existing router. Although the extender’s setup methods are so simple, you may face difficulties while configuring it for the first time. This is why we are here with our comfy setup points that you can utilize to execute the process trouble-free. 

Plug The Extender And Connect Your Device

As you get the extender, the first step here is to fix the extender into a power socket. So, plug the extender into a vacant electric plug but that should be near the router. After plugging in the extender, use any device to make the connection. 

Choose the wireless connection, if you are using a mobile. To do this, open the WiFi network list on your mobile and connect it to the appropriate network. On the other hand, go for the wired connection, in case you are using a laptop or PC. In this case, use an ethernet wire and insert the wire ends into your extender, router, or device. By following these ways, you are able to connect your device to the network. 

Do Your Linksys Extender Login On The Web Portal 

After connecting your device to the wireless network, launch any web browser on that device. Thereafter, insert the extender’s default web or IP address in the search bar and click enter. 

Here the extender’s default web address is extender.linksys.com whereas the IP address is On the next page, you will see the login details field. Type the login credentials there and do login. Thus, you are successful in the login process. 

Configure Your Linksys Extender Setup After Login 

As you log in to the setup page, you will see the Start Setup option. But, before initiating the setup, fill in some basic required details and choose the type of connection. 

There will be two connection options, the first one is for a wireless connection and another for a wired connection. Choose the option accordingly and move further. Lastly, click on the Start Setup option and wait until the extender completes the process

Perform The Linksys RE6400 Setup By Using Smart App

Rather than the web-based setup, you can use Linksys smart app method for configuration. In order to do this, use your connected device and install the Linksys app on it. Download the app on your android mobile from the Google Play Store whereas on your apple device, install it from the Apple App Store. 

Following this, open the app and fill in the login details in the box. After logging in to the app, insert some basic details and do essential things after marking the agreed points on the terms and conditions. Thus, your Linksys RE6400 setup process is finished now and the extender is ready to use. 

Keep In Mind Some Essential Points

After configuring your extender verify the working of the extender. Therefore, you must consider some tips to keep the extender performance flawless. 

  • The distance between your extender and the router should be minimum while doing the configuration.
  • Later, you can relocate the extender to the desired place by keeping the extender within the range limit.
  • Also, don’t let the extender get in touch with metal and electronic devices.
  • Verify the extender’s light often to check the connection strength.
  • Moreover, keep your extender up-to-date every time and upgrade the firmware timely. 
  • Prefer to use the ethernet wire connection to get a safe and strong signal.
  • That ethernet wire should be new or well-functioning that is there should be no sign of wear and tear on the cable. 
  • In case, you face the disrupted signals continuously, then opt for the reset function. 
  • If you reset the extender then you have to reconfigure your extender. So, use this option if there is any need. 

Final Words

We hope that our reliable and simple setup points will assist you in a way that you can configure your extender hassle-free. By getting a Linksys extender at your place, you will surely be able to eliminate the WiFi dead spots. However, if you are facing any troubles while configuring or using it, contact us freely.


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