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Another Historical Year For The British Royal Family

Reuters, December 7, London – With Queen Elizabeth’s passing just months after she celebrated her record-breaking seventh decade as monarch, the past year will be remembered as one of the most seismic in the history of the British royal family, but 2023 could be almost as significant.

Elizabeth, who broke nearly every record for a monarch in a dynasty dating back 1,000 years to the Norman invasion of England, celebrated her 70th year on the throne in February, with four days of national celebrations following in early summer.

But there were indicators that the 96-year-old’s health was deteriorating already. She started to make fewer public appearances and only showed up for a few of her Platinum Jubilee events.

The only monarch that the majority of Britons had ever known—and who much of the rest of the world also referred to as “the Queen”—died at her Scottish home on September 8, just two days after being photographed appointing her 15th prime minister. According to the official certificate, old age was the cause of death.


In the modern era, only France’s King Louis XIV, who passed away in 1715, came close to matching Elizabeth’s longevity as the head of a major state. Elizabeth had interacted with nearly every significant global figure since World War Two.

It marked the end of an era not only for her country but also for her family. Her son automatically became King Charles III, and his second wife Camilla became queen consort, fulfilling one of Elizabeth’s final wishes.

Giving his eldest son and heir William and his wife Kate the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales. A position previously held by the late Princess Diana was one of the new monarch’s first acts as the 41st monarch since William the Conqueror.

Elizabeth’s success had been in guiding the monarchy into the modern era, despite her royal portrait of many crises. But, as the institution considers a future without her, there are some dark clouds in the sky.


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2022’s Most Memorable Royal Photos

The year 2022 will be remembered as a watershed one for the British royal family. In addition to being Queen Elizabeth’s 70th year on the throne and her first Platinum Jubilee, this year will always be remembered as the year the long-reigning monarch passed away, and also check this topposttoday

Due to the Queen’s mobility concerns. Other members of the royal family stepped in for her on different occasions throughout the first half of the year. While she made select public appearances alongside her children. Following her death at Balmoral in September. Prince Charles became King Charles III, Prince William, and Kate. The Duchess of Cambridge became the new Prince and Princess of Wales, and the whole royal family mourned their grandmother.

While the British royal family may not observe Christmas in the same way as the average family. They share the same traditions as old St. Nick. Every year, millions of families around the world including visiting Santa Claus in their holiday rituals.

The royals have made it a Christmastime tradition over the years to greet that cheery old elf. Which has resulted in many adorable holiday pictures. From Princess Diana’s encounter with Santa to Prince William and Prince Harry’s early ride in Santa’s sleigh, we’ve compiled the best royal encounters with Santa here.


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