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8X, YouSport, Xemthethao789, and 8X Online Sports News in Vietnam

8X is one of the leading online sports news websites in Vietnam. It provides a comprehensive range of news, video content, and live scores from a wide variety of sports. While its main focus is on football, it also covers other sports. For example, 8X offers betting and sports prediction games, and it has an extensive schedule of Viet Nam boxing events.

YouSport 8X

The YouSport 8X casino trực tuyến news website is one of the most popular sources for sports news in Vietnam. It offers live reporting, articles, and video content on a wide range of sports. The site focuses on football but also offers coverage of other sports. The Vietnamese national team is led by South Korean coach Park Hang-seo, who has won multiple international tournaments and is considered one of the most influential coaches in Vietnamese history. Currently, the national team is competing in the 2019 SEA Games and is looking to continue its success.

Depending on the sport, you can access live sports reports, video content, and live betting games. Several channels specialize in certain sports, such as soccer, basketball, and boxing. YouSport 8X also offers a list of upcoming Viet Nam boxing events, and live scoring on many games.

Thao 247

The internet has given Vietnamese sports fans a way to follow their favorite teams and players through various media channels. These channels specialize in live reporting and video content, and they also cover various sports, including football and other major international competitions. Other sports covered on these sites include volleyball and rugby, as well as e-sports. You can also find standings, scores, and interviews with athletes and coaches.

The New Hanoi newspaper is another popular source for sports news in Vietnam. It has been a leader in the country for over 60 years. The newspaper’s staff is composed of experienced sports journalists with a good local knowledge. Many of the articles also feature a discussion section where fans can ask questions and make comments about the stories.


BongDa, 8X casino trực tuyến, and YouSport are a few of the best websites in Vietnam for sports fans. These websites offer live scores, video content, and information on all types of sports. You can also play sports predictions games and wager on the outcomes of the next big game. If you love soccer, 8X is your go-to website. It also features live boxing games, predictions, and a complete schedule of Viet Nam matches.

Sports fans can find online sports news in Vietnam from several sources, including BongDa, 8X, and Thao 247. BongDa and 8X are two media outlets that focus on soccer and football in Vietnam, and offer video content and live reporting from the local leagues. They also have information on upcoming Viet Nam boxing events, which is particularly useful for those who love watching local soccer games.


Xemthethao789 is a fast-growing sports website in Vietnam. It provides detailed coverage of football and e-sports events in the country. The site has a team of vetted professional reporters who cover local and international events. They also include a calendar of upcoming events, allowing sports fans to keep up with the latest news on their favorite teams.

There are many sports news websites in Vietnam, each with a unique twist. Some focus on one sport, while others cover many. Some offer live video content and live scoring for sports. Some offer extensive coverage of local soccer leagues.


For fans of soccer and other sports in Vietnam, 8X online sports news is a great resource. The website offers live news and video content related to all sorts of sporting events. It also offers betting games and sports predictions. It also features information on upcoming Viet Nam boxing matches. This website is a great opportunity for brands to tap into the sports media market in Vietnam.

This online sports news service covers a wide variety of sports, including soccer and football, as well as tennis. YouSport allows you to book tickets for games in Vietnam and offers a credit system for refunded tickets. You can also read articles on various topics related to sports, including the latest news on your favorite players.

New Hanoi newspaper

If you’re looking for a local source of sports news in Vietnam, you’ve come to the right place. The New Hanoi newspaper has been a top source for sports news in the country for over 60 years. The newspaper’s staff includes experienced sports journalists who have connections and local knowledge. The site also features a comment section where you can ask your questions about a story you’ve read.

This Vietnamese online sports media site covers football, volleyball, tennis, and e-sports. There’s live reporting, video content, interviews, and stats. You can also see the results of the last matches.

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