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5 Myths About Adrenal Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing syndrome means that there is too much cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that is too toxic if it is present in more than the needed amount. Adrenal  Cushing’s Disease means that disease originates from the adrenal glands.

Now, during Cushing’s disease, the body of the patient has a pituitary tumor producing ACTH that makes the adrenal glands produce more cortisol. Now to check the cortisol levels, a cortisol test is performed. The cortisol test price in Pakistan is quite affordable. 

Now, Cushing’s disease can occur due to one or more tumors and also can occur due to over-production or enlargement of both adrenal glands overproducing cortisol. 

But there are a number of myths attached to Cushing’s disease. A lot of made-up information has been spread among people. Let’s clear that out. 

Myth 1: All patients with Cushing’s disease are overweight

In medical schools, when the students are being trained, they are often shown a picture of someone with Cushing’s disease that looks very fat. It is true that high levels of cortisol do increase the cause tummy fat but this does not mean that you will gain weight overall. 

A lot of patients with Cushing’s disease do not gain weight. There are patients with Cushing’s disease that are of different sizes, shapes, and symptoms, so to say that Cushing’s disease patients are fat and overweight is not true. 

Myth 2: Cushing’s Syndrome is very rare

To say that Cushion’s disease is very common is completely wrong. This syndrome is not at all rare and occurs in many people. It is just that a lot of patients do not get diagnosed with it or they leave it untreated for a longer period of time before they get to know about this condition. 

The problem just lies when it comes to diagnosis. People lack in the diagnosis and that is how they fail to treat it. So, it is very common and should always be checked before it is too late. Look out for the symptoms that are consistent with the disease or get a test done if you want to know what actually is causing you the symptoms. But keep in mind that Cushion’s disease is not rare at all. 

Myth 3: Surgery for Cushing’s Syndrome is very dangerous

We, this is so not true. Adrenal ushing’s syndrome requires surgery for some patients and it can be done in minutes with no pain. 

The only reason it is believed till today that Cushing’s Syndrome surgery hurts patients is that it was dangerous. A lot of endocrinologists have been seen saying that it is a very dangerous surgery and this is because they were trained in older times. 

In the past, this surgery took almost half a day to get done. No wonder why people to this day think that it is one of the most dangerous and time-consuming procedures done.      

Myth 4: Taking Pills is the best option to treat Cushing’s disease

All the top specialists that deal with Adrenal Cushing’s syndrome say that the treatment of Cushing’s disease with pills has not been proven to work better than the surgery.

So, till now surgery is considered to be one of the best options to treat Cushing’s disease. The reason why pills are great in the treatment are mentioned:

  • Pills are very toxic and can have a lot of side effects
  • Pills can be very expensive if compared with surgery
  • They do not target the main issue which is the tumor. The tumor stays in its place and doesn’t go anywhere. 

In order to get better and to deal with Cushing’s syndrome, it is best you get it treated by getting surgery done and not depending on just pills. 

Myth 5: The diagnosis of Adrenal Cushing’s disease is very difficult

Well, this is a very common misconception that is believed by a lot of people. It is very wrong and has no backing to it. The diagnosis is very easy and simple when it comes to Cushing’s disease. 

  • The diagnosis is very easy and can be done in two steps. Number one is the proof that there is too much cortisol present in the body. There are a few tests that can prove the presence of cortisol, but these do help in knowing the exact amount of cortisol in the body. 
  • If it is proven that the cortisol excess is due to an adrenal problem and not a pituitary tumor. Fo this a measurement of the pituitary hormone is a great idea.        


Adrenal Cushing’s disease is one of the most common health issues that can occur to anyone. But a lot of people do not know when they are suffering from it. So, educate yourself about adrenal Cushing’s disease as much as you can so that you do not believe in the made-up myths and misconceptions.

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